Data Analytics

You can consider a digital marketing contender analysis an in- depth look at your competition. In this analysis, you identify your challenges and dissect their marketing process. During analysis, you look at your competitions strengths and sins and how they compare to your own business, services, and products.
When you conduct a contender analysis, you compare your company’s performance to your competition to help you ameliorate your strategies.

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RMOOD works with its customer’s to produce a complete data armature road chart that’s foundationally grounded in stylish practices, assiduity norms and rearmost proven ways.

It’s this road chart and architected structure that gets your enterprise’s data to a dependable and much further usable state because it employs a strong modeling methodology that brings rigidity, pungency and thickness to indeed the most varying of surroundings.


We are able to use advanced analytical techniques and cutting edge technology to both analyse data, and create valuable data insights. Embracing creativity. Understanding what is really needed. Delivering results.


Operational efficiencies

Enable Functional edge that give the inflexibility to support changing business conditions and precedences, perfecting your responsiveness, dexterity and speed to value.

New products and services

By using data and AI to extend into new disciplines, resuscitate your immolations and evolve with the confidence you can gauge to meet changing demand and precedences.

Sustainable workforce/business

Have confidence you ’re equipped to assess the demand for the future and concentrate on erecting a sustainable pool that’s ready for what’s coming.


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RMOOD provides a full suite of data, analytics and perceptivity related services and results to enterprise position realities looking to get further out of their data.

We’re suitable to use advanced logical ways and cutting edge technology to both assay data, and produce precious data perceptivity. We use this knowledge and moxie to help guests make the perfect connection with each and every one of their guests.
We know that client fidelity is of real financial value to a company, which is precisely why our brigades work to deliver digital, marketable and practical results. Our timely design delivery will insure that you’re equipped to go on making more informed opinions for your guests.

  • Collaborative, communicative and transparent client-focused approach
  • Competitive rates for Big Data architects, developers and consultants
  • Offering full suite of data, analytics and insights related services and solutions
  • Proven track record of successful project and engagement delivery
  • Thorough quality assurance testing before “Go Live” events
What are data analytics?

Data analytics are the tools that are used to analyse raw data so that businesses can make informed decisions to strategies and performance. There are varying tools and processes used in data analytics, many of which are automated through algorithms. These algorithms can quickly reveal specific trends and metrics in mass data that would otherwise be lost.

The best data analytical tools will provide a range of statistical procedures. This allows teams and business leaders to look back and evaluate previous information and look into the future for scenario planning with predictive modelling.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is a term that covers the analytics, tools and processes which are used to optimise performance and make informed business decisions. Business intelligence is an umbrella term which covers:

  • Data visualisation
  • Reporting
  • Data mining
  • Performance metrics
  • Data preparation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Descriptive analytics

Business intelligence helps companies take an understanding of mass data so that it can be input into an intelligent enterprise model. This strategic approach allows teams and business leaders to identify useful information which would otherwise be lost in mass data.

What are data driven decisions?

ata driven decisions is whereby a business will use analytical facts, metrics, and data to help them come to a strategic, business decisions which helps them achieve their objectives and initiatives. This operation can be fulfilled by anyone from a business analyst to a sales executive and is an intricate part of any modern business, as they endeavour to leave no stone unturned in the search for the next strategic opportunity.